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Our Warranty


Aloha Swimming Pools & Spas warrants that the pool walls will remain structurally sound for as long as you own the swimming pool. Structurally sound is defined as maintaining the structural integrity of the steel or polymer walls so as to withstand all the loads without cracking or water loss. Should the walls be determined not to be structurally sound by an engineer licensed in the state ofConnecticut, Aloha Swimming Pools & Spas will, at no cost to the homeowner, perform necessary repairs to restore its integrity.


Choices are endless, we offer multiple levels of products.  Our interest is in your investment and our reputation.  While there are no shortcuts, there are  options for materials.  Traditional materials can last 40 years, while new options give us lifetime options.  As every yard is different, we walk yards for free to give you all the options.  Education and detail is what you need for a long lasting investment.  We realize the best warranties are for worst case scenarios, we also know there's no need for a Empire State Building foundations for our local town hall.  Details available upon inspection.  All warranties backed by Aloha.


All underground installations provided by Aloha Swimming Pools & Spas including pool plumbing, gas, and electrical below ground level are warranted to be free from defects in the workmanship and material for a period of five (5) years from the pool start-up date.


All of the labor, materials, and pool equipment installed by Aloha Swimming Pools & Spas is covered for a period of two (2) years or the component manufacturers warranty (whichever is longer). This includes, but is not limited to, pool pumps, filters, heaters, salt systems, ozone systems, deck chlorinators, decking material, and interior finish.


It is the buyer's responsibility to maintain their pool and water chemistry. Aloha Swimming Pools & Spas does not warrant normal maintenance items such as, but not limited to, light bulbs, O-rings, pump seals, rocks, flaps or wings on cleaners, and backwash valves. Aloha Swimming Pools & Spas does not warranty any items provided by the homeowner or owner's agent and will not be liable for damage caused by them. Aloha Swimming Pools & Spas is not responsible or liable for incidental or consequential damages as a result of use or ownership of your pool and spa installation.
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